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You are a Contender!


John Haime delivered a presentation in Palm Springs, California that impacted his audience. At the conclusion of the presentation, an audience member, and noted publishing executive, insisted John write a book about his experience of building emotional muscle and the link to high performance.


In 2016 “You are a Contender! Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More … in business, sports and life” was published by Morgan James New York.


The book became a bestseller in the US and Canada through word of mouth in the athlete and coach network in North America.The book is a practical guide to building emotional muscle and offers strategies that can be put into action. With this information, all performers can begin a transformation into the contender they are destined to be.


John’s latest book, Ride Big, is the guide to confidence for equestrian athletes. Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing (release date April 2021), the book is a collaboration with the world’s leading equestrian to help riders both understand and build confidence. Currently, John’s clients include some of the world’s leading equestrian athletes.