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NHL, OHL, CCHL, NBA, NFL, PGA Tour, ATP Tennis and other elite athletes have benefited from the Be World-Class program – as have recreational athletes who just want to gain important performance skills and have more fun. These skills are critical to your future success.

Learn and develop valuable skills to become a better and happier athlete now.

Gain an Ontario High School credit.

Create life-long skills transferable to all future endeavours (school, career, leadership and relationships).

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Very few athletes (in any sport) ever formally develop the mental & emotional "muscles" needed to be a consistent, sustainable high performer. They hear and know that sport is "90% mental", but they don’t proactively develop these critical skills to ensure consistent improvement. As a result, they go up and down, lose motivation, struggle and ultimately fall short of where they want to go. And, parents become frustrated.

The "Be World-Class" program will transform your young athlete's performance. As a bonus, the athlete gains an important Ontario high school credit. The program will also help prepare the athlete for performance excellence in everything they do in life including school, career, leadership & relationships.

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Inspected by Ministry of Ontario

IDC30 – Interdisciplinary Studies – Sports Psychology

This course, monitored by accredited teachers, combines the expectations for Interdisciplinary Studies, for all high school students. Open with selected expectations from two or more other courses (HSP3C, Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology, HPW3C Living and Working With Children, HIP4O Personal Life Management, PPZ3C Health for Life, PPL3O Healthy Active Living and Sports Psychology.

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John Haime, President of John Haime Performance, is trusted by some of the world’s leading athletes and teams. He regularly works in professional sports leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL, PGA Tour, ATP Tennis) and his clients include some of the world’s leading young athletes (hockey, equestrian, squash, swimming, gymnastics and others).

John is the Author of two best-selling books: You are a Contender! and Ride Big!. The books have helped thousands of athletes and business professionals achieve more and gain more purpose and confidence from their performance.


Our guarantee to you is that Be World-Class will help you both achieve more in your sport and have more fun. When you work at it and take recommended actions from the program, results will follow. The content in the program is used with some of the world’s leading athletes and you now have access to this valuable information.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with the course and course material, within 30 days you will receive a full refund.

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