Corporate Athletes

As a Corporate Athlete what can you learn from a leading Performance Coach?


John Haime has delivered presentations, workshops, impactful coaching and extended leadership programs for some of the world’s top organizations. His authentic insights on performance, emotional intelligence and leadership deliver results for individuals at all levels of the organization.


“John Haime brings a highly unique set of skills to the corporate environment that can be leveraged across the organization. He relates well to all levels and brings value at each level.”


Asian Energy Company


Like athletes, many corporate athletes have the technical and mechanical abilities to complete their roles successfully. But, like athletes, mastering the mental and emotional capabilities is the distinguishing separator between an average leader and great one.


John Haime brings a variety of powerful, finishing solutions to help you, as a corporate athlete, compete at the highest level. Some of the solutions include:

Executive Coaching

Building Emotional Muscle for Leadership

One and Two Day Workshops

Mastering the Game and Navigational Coaching


A Dynamic Experience in Two Learning Worlds

Mastering the Game in Leadership – 12 Week Experience

Extended, World-class Leadership Experience for High Potential Leaders