Equestrian Athletes

Would you like to become the best equestrian athlete you can be?


In order to maximize your abilities you must be at your best technically, physically, mentally and emotionally. John Haime helps leading Grand Prix riders and up and comers get to the next level of high performance by helping them build their mental & emotional muscles – gaining the edge on competitors. He can help you be the best rider you can be and reach your targets in the sport of equestrian.


Stay tuned for John’s new book “Ride Big” – to be released in Spring of 2021. Published by Trafalgar Square, the book will help equestrians understand and build sustainable confidence.

The equestrian partnership between rider and horse is complex. It is the challenge of the rider to be the pilot bringing a self-aware, confident attitude to the partnership. The New Edge Performance program build your mental and emotional muscles to maximize your effectiveness in the partnership.


John Haime built the New Edge Performance (NEP) performance model after years of working internationally with some of the world’s leading professional and amateur athletes, top executives, coaches and artists. The 5-step (see below) 12-month customized program measures an equestrian athlete’s mental and emotional capabilities, focuses on strengthening the “fundamentals” and ultimately creates a detailed plan for the equestrian athlete to help maximize their athletic abilities. The proven, NEP program not only enhances performance in the ring – but gives the equestrian athlete valuable life skills that can be carried forward. The robust program has the very best elements from performance psychology, emotional intelligence, communication, executive coaching, business planning and neuroscience.


Contact us to learn more about a program for you – maximizing your experience in riding and helping you become the rider you would like to be.

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