John Haime is a professional mentor serving professional athletes and Olympians committed to success in sport, business and life.

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John mentors professional athletes, Olympians and national team members in the difficult transition period from sport to life after sport. Mentoring is done through New Edge Performance and Viktre Athletes. Viktre’s Partners are a select group of retired elite athletes who have had success beyond sport. Viktre connects and engages the world’s elite athletes in a dynamic social networking community. It is an exclusive gathering place allowing today’s active or retired athlete to connect privately with their peers and publicly with their social media followers. Within the service offering for athletes, Viktre offers a world-class peer-group transition option to help the athlete build valuable skillsets to perform and thrive beyond the game.


  • Monthly Personal Mentoring
  • Monthly Peer Advisory Group Meetings
  • Access to a Global Network of World-Class Experts and Speakers
  • Access to an on-line community site connecting Members, Experts and Partners
  • Professional Development Retreats and Social Events


As a former professional athlete and someone who works with athletes at every stage of their career, John Haime understands the world of the elite athletes:


“Acting as a mentor for leading athletes through New Edge Performance and Viktre’s “Locker-room for Life” has been a natural fit for me. I have been in the shoes of athletes who make the transition from their sport to normal, everyday life. I know the feelings and the challenges of leaving professional sport. I can directly relate to those I mentor. I learned the hard way that “what you do is not who you are”. The world is a big place and there is much to look forward to beyond sport. The special experiences and unique lessons of being an athlete can be used to create tremendous value in the world after elite sport.  What a great privilege to help professional athletes and Olympians carve their new path and mentor them to success!”

John Haime, Mentor to Professional and Elite Athletes