One and Two Day Workshops

In today’s business environment time is critical. A crisp, clear, dynamic educational message is often needed to quickly address key issues within the organization. John Haime’s one and two day workshops focus on performance and leadership. A few of John’s customizable topics include:


    • Mastering the Game – Emotional Intelligence for Leadership – A powerful workshop for organizational leaders addressing the key competencies that separate average and elite leaders. This workshop goes beyond the technical and mechanical pieces needed for leadership. It serves as a finishing piece for leaders to move forward in the organization and create a powerful emotional climate that impacts the bottom line.


  • Navigational Coaching – Have you considered incorporating a Coach Approach into the leadership style of your mid-level Managers? Often the Coaching leadership style is the least often used style by leaders, but is the most powerful. If you would like your leaders to unlock the power and creativity of your workforce, they must improve their ability to coach and develop others. The quality of conversations your leaders have can make or break your organization. Through a rich and thorough format, mid-level managers make exponential leadership development gains within a compressed—but not hurried—one or two day format.