John Haime is passionate about giving back to the community and helping others in time of need.


Cirque-du-Soleil-after-party-for-Golf-Dream-GreyIn partnership with the Canadian Professional Golfers Assocation, John directs the Serge Giroux Golf Dream – one of Canada’s most unique community initiatives. The initiative grants “Golf Dreams” to young people with serious life-threatening illnesses. The children and their families visit Orlando, Florida for a once in a lifetime experience to create lasting family memories and a break from the day to day challenges of childhood illness. The initiative began in 1999 and a significant number of families from the Ottawa/Outaouais, Canada region have experienced the dream.


“Thank-you so much John for the best experience of my life. You have done so much for us and our family appreciates everything. We had the dream of a lifetime thanks to you and your team at the PGA.We will always keep these wonderful memories in our hearts.”


Vincent and Family
Serge Giroux Golf Dream Recipient