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Player agencies offer a wide range of services to their valued clients. The services range from business to marketing to concierge services. Rarely is there a service that directly enhances the performance of clients …


As part of a player agency’s range of services, John Haime offers world-class mental/emotional development services to player agent clients. When a client experiences a boost in confidence and performance, everyone wins including the player agent and the agency.


John Haime helps the athlete build a personal plan for mental/emotional development that has a major impact on the athlete’s performance. Results have been demonstrated with many athletes at all levels.


John believes in a “Proactive” approach helping the athlete within the agency develop the mental/emotional muscles to be independent. The traditional approach is “Reactive” where the athlete and agency wait unit there are performance problems – and then seek help.


This service is very seldom offered in player agencies – but can be highly impactful to the client’s performance on the playing field and off … and beyond the game.
John Haime is currently a resource for high profile agencies in sports and would like to help you enhance the value of your client services.