John Haime brings his world-class experience to your organization and helps your people understand the differences between average and outstanding performance.


John-Haime-Speaking2-grey”An excellent presentation by John Haime!!!! Would even like to hear him again next year. He had so much good information to apply in life generally, terrific delivery and content. Extremely impressive.”


Participant – EWGA Annual Conference


John’s highly unique background of playing professional sports at the highest level, advising world-class athletes and coaches on performance and being the leading expert on building emotional muscle in performance is available to you and your group.
All of John’s talks can be customized to meet the needs of your group.


Example Talk…


Mastering the Game: Building Emotional Muscle for High Performance


The ever-increasing speed, information overload and complex change of our world presents a great challenge to today’s entrepreneurial and business leaders. This pace and pressure creates great stress and leaders must handle it well. And, not only must today’s leader succeed in the turbulent vortex of their businesses, but also be effective and find the right balance among their work, family and social lives.


This unique presentation by John Haime will bring you closer to some of the world’s top leaders and athletes. John will share with you his experience working with the world’s top performers and what separates the “average” from “elite”. What allows one world-class athlete to use all of their potential under pressure and what prevents others from succumbing to the enormous pressures and stress of elite performance?


John will bring you inside his world of high performance and share with you some of the stories, perspectives and strategies that can help you better manage pressure and build emotional muscle for your work and home life. He will also share his own, fascinating story about playing professional sports at the highest level and how a lack of emotional muscle was critical to his career success.


You will learn about the Emotional Spiral, The Emotional Caddie, the critical emotional competencies for high performance and how to build them – and learn how a Performance Journal, used by leading performers, can help you in your day to day leadership activities.