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Why John Haime Performance?

What makes us the right choice to address your challenge?



For over 20 years we have been trusted by athletes and organizations to elevate them to new levels. Our clients include world leaders in sport and corporate business.


Diverse Expertise

To transform the performance, confidence and leadership capability of our clients, we have the unique capability to leverage leading-edge ideas from both elite sport and corporate business. You will have access to the best from both worlds.


Holistic Approach

While you will achieve more and become more confident in your chosen performance area, the skills you build will be transferable and adaptable to every area of your life.

What’s Your Challenge?

Athlete Performance

  • I’m not confident.
  • I’m talented but I’m underachieving.
  • I’m constantly getting in my own way.
  • I don’t believe in myself.
  • I don’t have a vision and plan of where I’m going.
  • I don’t deal with pressure well.
  • I can’t seem to overcome my fears.
  • I’m not consistent.
  • I’m not having fun in my sport.

Corporate Performance

  • Our high potential talent isn’t ready for leadership responsibility.
  • We could benefit from practical, experienced, measured coaching in the C-Suite.
  • Our vision and our values are not completely aligned.
  • We need higher performance from our sales team.
  • To attract top talent, we need help developing a modern, dynamic culture.
  • We have not established an emotionally intelligent environment in our workplace.
  • Our people have fears caused by uncertainty about the future.
  • We’re struggling to attract and retain top talent.

Whatever your challenge John Haime Performance can help.

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Are You Ready to Start Your Journey to Higher Confidence and World-Class Performance?