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I am grateful to have grown-up in a supportive family who created a solid emotional base for me to approach the world in a positive, proactive way. My father, Peter Haime, was the Golf Professional at a golf club, helping me to shape my golf abilities and give me access to a fundamental way of playing. My mother, Dawn, worked at the club and was the one who shaped the foundation of our family. I played all sports, but the eventual shift to focusing on golf was natural. By the time I was 17, I was showing promise and building a reputation as a national player. My dream from an early age was to play NCAA athletics – and I reached that dream accepting a full athletic scholarship to Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

With a degree and some successes in college athletics, the next step was professional golf.

It was a fast start in professional golf finishing as medallist in the player’s tour school to gain a playing card for various professional tours around the world (Australia, Asia, South Africa, Europe, Canada and the US).  Having to consistently address an injury in the final year and failing to produce consistent enough results, in my final year in professional golf, I failed to qualify to gain a card for the U.S. PGA Tour School. Sadly, my golf career was over – as was a large piece of what I did since I was 10 years old – competing and trying to improve in a competitive environment.

While there were successes in the game, playing with the best golfers on the planet and competing at the highest levels, in reflection – the access and exposure to the world was by far the biggest benefit of my golf career. Traveling through Asia and Africa as a young person caused a major shift in my perspective of the world understanding that someone in a position of privilege like me must work toward helping others and lifting them up. This calling would become my eventual focus. Seeing the best in the world do what they do, working with some leading coaches in both the physical and mental side of sport – and generally working in high performance every day – and having to adapt – was an education beyond the typical classroom.

I started work in business immediately following a professional golf career. I was fortunate to see how organizations tick from manufacturing, to operations, to accounting, to sales and marketing – to the executive chair.

From this experience I created a company called LearningLinks, producing workplace learning programs that were delivered around the globe for some of the world’s top organizations. The LearningLinks corporate development experience started a 15-year practical education leading me to where I am today – President of John Haime Performance and a human performance coach helping performers at all levels, including some of the world’s top performers in high level sports and corporate business.

So many “mentors have helped shape my career and help me elevate to where I am today – to my parents at early ages and throughout – to some of the top experts in the world in sport, corporate performance and leadership performance – helping to develop my abilities on how best to serve others, elevate their performances … and most importantly – get results.

John Haime Performance was created out of research, study and trial and error with leading performers – creating a process that worked in the real, fast-moving world of performance. My goal is always measurable results with our clients.

In 2010, I wrote the book “You are a Contender” emerging from a request from a publisher who happened to be in one of my conference audiences. The second edition was published in 2016. In spring 2021, I wrote “Ride Big” addressing the confidence crisis I encountered working with equestrian athletes from the beginner to the top of the sport.

Finally, I am very proud of the growth in the Serge Giroux Golf Dream Foundation. In partnership with the Canadian Professional Golfers Association, I created a community event that provides “golf dreams” to children with life-threatening illnesses in the Ottawa/Outaouais region – my home. The event is now in its 20th year and many families have experienced the dream and built life-long memories. We have raised over $1 million for our deserving families.

There is much more to do and I look forward to the challenges.

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“John Haime has a unique set of skills and experience that can help any player and any team.”


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