A Professional and Personal Experience in Leadership and Performance.

There is a critical importance in corporate business of confiding in an experienced professional outside of the organization about limitations, fears and concerns – and how to address them. Within the organization, C-level leaders are aware that limitations, fears and concerns can be amplified as doubt and weakness and cause anxiety and potential panic. At the top of the organization, C-level leaders often don’t have a professional, confidential sharing outlet. John Haime is trusted by some of the world’s leading performers in professional sports and corporate business and he has developed acumen to be the confidential outlet for those in the “fishbowl”. He understands how to balance delicate areas of leadership like authenticity and vulnerability.

John is skilled at helping clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to go. John listens, cares and generates results for John Haime Performance clients.

3 Simple Steps to Build Your C-Level Competency


Assessment and Interviewing to profile the c-suite leader.


Customized John Haime Performance executive coaching process to develop and mentor.


Ongoing evaluation of progress.

Our clients’ words…

“John Haime has a very unique set of skills to mentor an executive through the innumberable challenges and complexity of the executive chair. He gives leaders the confidence that they can navigate the waters successfully.”

Global Energy Organization

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