Ride Big for Developing Equestrians

Transition to a new level of confidence and performance

President, John Haime, is trusted by some of the world’s leading professional riders and amateur up and comers to help them reach the next level of high performance. Our riders elevate to new levels and gain the edge on competitors. John and his team can help you be the best rider you can be and reach your targets in the sport of equestrian.

The Ride Big Program, designed specifically for all levels of equestrian athletes, has the very best elements from performance psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, mental skills training, sport psychology, executive coaching, business planning and communication. Results are measurable and guaranteed.

What will change for you after your Ride Big experience?

You will:

  • Be more self-aware on the path to being the best rider you can be.
  • Understand and have the capability to build confidence for the long-term.
  • Regulate emotions in response to anger, frustration and disappointment.
  • Have a new level of focus to deal with distractions and competitive stresses.
  • Understand how to thrive under the pressures of competitive equestrian sport.
  • Be aligned with a new power of purpose that enables you to reach beyond your current limits and attain your highest targets in your riding.
  • Engage the RIGHT plan for you, creating a personal vision and how to close the gap toward that vision.
  • Have the opportunity to be more effective in the partnership with your horse. You will maximize your abilities, the abilities of your horse and fulfill your potential as a rider.
  • Enjoy your experience in equestrian sport – in training and at shows.

The Stages of Your Ride Big Development Program…



An introduction to learn about the rider, the rider’s environment, influences and life experiences.



Determine your strengths and limitations and create a customized Equestrian Action Summary with development strategies.


Rider Planning

Utilizing information from discovery and assessment to build the rider’s long-term “rider performance” strategy..


Strategy & Measurement

Develop mental and emotional performance skills through proven strategies.


Support & Independence

Having a resource to go to for advice as you implement strategies and plans. We measure results and make adjustments. John Haime finally ensures the equestrian athlete has reached a level of self-sufficiency – able to personally guide their own mental/emotional performance development.

Connect for a 15-minute consultation with John Haime to determine how the Ride Big program will change your experience in riding.

A Must Read!

John’s new book in 2021 Ride Big – The Ultimate Guide to Building Equestrian Confidence has been declared a “must read” by reviewers in equestrian sport. It is available through www.horseandriderbooks.com in print or ebook format – and available through all online retailers. In Canada Ride Big is available at selected tack shops and Greenhawk Equestrian. In the UK and Europe, the book is available through www.quillerpublishing.com and Amazon retailers in each country. Ride Big helps equestrians understand and build sustainable confidence. The book is endorsed by some of the world’s leading equestrians.

Influential words...

“This guide from John Haime will help equestrians build their confidence, handle their emotions, and deal with pressure. I highly recommend it to competitors looking to take their riding to the next level.”

Beezie Madden
Olympic Gold Medalist, Show Jumping

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey to Higher Confidence and World-Class Performance?