All of John’s talks can be customized to meet the needs of your group.
A few talks that might be customized to interest your audience…

Be World-Class

(Corporate and Athlete Audience)

Some of the world’s leading performers in sports and corporate organizations trust John Haime to coach them and help them to new levels. John is on the inside of world-class performance and has the best seat in the house assisting his clients to breakthrough to new levels. In a motivating and dynamic talk, John will highlight how he has helped his clients reach new heights, the common threads that define these world-class performers and how you can apply this knowledge to your performance.

Confidence is a Choice!

(Corporate, Athlete and Equestrian Audience)

Trusted by the world’s best to build their confidence, and writing a popular book on the subject, makes John Haime the perfect, motivating guest at your event to help your audience both learn how to understand and build confidence. John frames the core pieces of confidence, how to build it and how your audience can navigate the pitfalls. Inspire your audience with the gift of confidence!

Ride Big!

(Equestrian Audience)

John Haime addresses the “confidence crisis” in equestrian sport through his 2021 acclaimed book Ride Big (Trafalgar Square Books). Hear directly from John how he helps riders at all levels Ride Big and how, through a personal process, you can both achieve and enjoy more in your equestrian experience by learning to Ride Big.

Our clients’ words…

“A memorable talk by John Haime! We would even like to hear him again next year. He had so much good information and stories to apply in life generally, terrific delivery and content. Extremely impressive.”

EWGA Annual Conference

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