Be World-Class for Your High Potential Leaders

Create a Seamless Transition from Individual Accomplishment to Building Team Accomplishment

The time comes when an individual performer transitions from a primary focus on their own accomplishments to ensuring the accomplishments of others. If this transition is not executed with care and skill, it can lead to significant performance dips for the leader, the new team and the organization. Very often the individual performer is lacking confidence to successfully make this transition – struggling to connect with others, communicate effectively with them and coach them.

Be World-Class for High Potential Leaders is guaranteed to transition the individual performer into a confident, skillful team leader – with little stress.

A few benefits include:

  • A higher level of self-awareness – the critical piece in high performance and leadership – a non-negotiable skill for both professional and personal success.
  • A renewed level of confidence in abilities, decision-making and building relationships.
  • An insight into key leadership capabilities and how to build each of the skills.
  • The ability to see others more clearly leading to better assessment, talent ID and retaining talent.
  • Creation of a defined fundamental structure to both lead by and live by.
  • Assistance on how to reach targets – achieving what you want.
  • A highly confidential forum to express ideas, thoughts and get feedback.
  • An exposure to the latest ideas and trends in performance and leadership through podcasts, books and articles from leading industry thinkers.

John Haime Performance is skilled at helping clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to go. We listen, care and generate results for our clients.

3 Simple Steps to Take You to New Levels …


Assessment and Interviewing to profile the leader.


Customized John Haime Performance high potential leadership coaching to develop and mentor.


Evaluation of progress.

Our clients’ words…

“We have put John and his company in front of a number of our clients around leadership development and emotional intelligence. They always deliver and demonstrate they are leaders in this space. I highly recommend John and his team.”

Senior Client Partner
HR Consulting Firm Asia

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