Something new for riders…

Some riders look down at motivational wristbands before they enter the ring. Others raise one hand to grasp a necklace to center themselves. Understanding that we all need ways to remind ourselves of our greatness and potential, in and out of the saddle, we have partnered with the premium apparel brand, Levelwear, representing quality and style, to offer you a line of activewear that ensures that you bring the mindset of “Ride Big” everywhere you go.

Riding Big is riding with confidence, with self-expression, with your own truth, and without limits. It is giving yourself the best chance to learn…and the best chance to win. The dynamic image in the Ride Big logo represents equestrian excellence from the sport’s legendary riders and how they are able to Ride Big and win at the highest level. This is the feeling I want for you.

Ride Big clothing can be worn around the barn, at home, at shows and out with friends to help you remember to be proactively confident, to value yourself and your horse as the fabulous individuals you are and to have fun in the sport.

Enjoy and Ride Big!

Ride Big Author,
John Haime

Influential words...

“Equestrian sport is complex and individual for all riders. Ride Big will help you be better equipped to solve problems, be more confident when confronting challenges, and better enjoy your experiences with horses. Read this book.”

Michael Jung
Individual Olympic Gold Medalist 2012 and 2016 in Eventing

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