John Haime’s company New Edge Performance offers a customized, practical, proven approach to target & build your unique capabilities. Each athlete, from a rising star, to a professional athlete or Olympian, has their own experience and their own challenges.


John Haime will help you create a powerful plan, building your mental and emotional muscles – taking you to a new level of performance.


This critical “Emotional Muscle” determines whether you:


  • have the mental & emotional muscles to remain self-motivated and sustain your competitive energy
  • have the necessary self-awareness in order to be a high performer
  • regulate emotions in response to anger, frustration and disappointment
  • stay mentally alert and focused to deal with distractions and competitive stresses
  • maintain the power of purpose that enables you to reach beyond your current limits and attain your highest targets
  • have the RIGHT plan for you, creating a personal vision and closing the gap toward that vision
  • use your capabilities and fulfill your potential as an athlete


John built the New Edge Performance (NEP) performance model after years of working with top athletes, executives, and artists in a number of environments and countries. The program measures an athlete’s mental and emotional capabilities, focuses on strengthening the capabilities and ultimately helps the athlete maximize their athletic abilities. Recognizing that each athlete is unique, the process is customized to reach each individual. John provides a fundamental performance structure that creates sustainable performance and independence. The NEP process not only enhances athlete performance in sport – but gives the athlete valuable life skills that can be carried forward. Results are measurable and guaranteed. The robust program has the very best elements from performance psychology, sport psychology, executive coaching, business planning, emotional intelligence and neuroscience.


John Haime’s New Edge Performance program includes 5 key stages:


  • Discovery: An introduction to learn about the athlete, the athlete’s environment, influences and life experiences;
  • Assessment: Using the industry’s top mental/emotional assessment tools like the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi), John analyses and interprets the results with the athlete to determine strengths and limitations – and create a customized Action Plan and development strategies;
  • Athlete Planning: Utilizing information from Discovery and the ESi process to build the athlete’s long-term “athlete performance” strategy. A key structural focus is placed on critical fundamentals like purpose, values, vision, mission, standards, detailed target/objective planning & athlete identity. Athlete planning work provides value & functionality for the athlete on and off the playing field;
  • Strategy & Measurement: Customized strategies and NEP tools are put into play to develop mental/emotional skills. John helps the athlete set up their performance measurement strategies and interpret results achieved during competition and beyond;
  • Support & Independence: He ensures the athlete has a resource to go to for advice as they implement their strategies and plans, measure results and make adjustments along the way. John finally ensures the athlete has reached a level of self-sufficiency – able to personally guide their own mental/emotional performance development.


Communication is the mainstay of the program. Following the six-month structured program, the athlete is connected following the program with the New Edge Performance “Playbook” utilizing technology to maintain the performance plan. John’s clients also become a part of private social media groups to gain access to the latest in performance and share experiences with other athletes.


To learn more about our world-class program and successes with professional and elite amateur athletes, please contact us directly.