Everyone needs an Emotional Caddy.

Each one of the athletes, executives, performers that I work with has one and benefits greatly from having this “friend” in their corner.

What is an Emotional Caddy?

Let me explain …

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to play professional golf at the highest level. “Caddies” came and went – good ones, bad ones and indifferent ones. Some helped me, some didn’t and others didn’t have much effect at all. My caddies carried the golf bag, assisted in calculating yardages, offered advice and offered support.

One caddy in my golf career stood out and that’s why I know everyone needs their own “Emotional Caddie” because that’s what “Brian” was to me … and it made a major difference in my performance.

What was different about Brian that made such a big difference?

Brian was like the most supportive person in your life. You know, the grandmother or grandfather, the Mom, the Dad, the Uncle, the Coach or the Teacher – that one person that always knows you can do it, supports you no matter what, is always positive and gives you a shot of confidence.

For one week in my golf career, Brian helped me play to my strengths, helped me to focus on the right things, helped me to use my time wisely, supported me, provided positive energy and allowed me to believe in myself. It just happened to be the best week in my golf career.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it’s possible to create your own Emotional Caddy – a consciousness that is with you all of the time, a positive, supportive voice that knows you can do it, that reminds you to play to your strengths, that guides you away from distractions and keeps you focused on the task at hand … and tells you the truth.

An Emotional Caddy is an important tool in your performance toolbox.

The most important voice in your life is your own. This voice must be your Emotional Caddy, a voice of reason, awareness, truth and belief that guides you through challenge … and is the only voice that is always with you … no matter where you go.


To learn more about how to develop your own Emotional Caddy – see John’s book “You are a Contender!” – available online.