The “Secret Weapon” in Performance is Being Challenged

If you are a business performer or leader, you know that confidence can be your secret weapon. There is no sweeter feeling than knowing that, no matter what the situation or degree of pressure, that you or your team have what it takes to get the result you envisioned. You deliver when it counts and do it relatively stress free because you “know” you can do it.

But, times are changing. The rate of change in business today, shifts in values and mindsets between generations and a host of other factors like the impacts of COVID 19 has created uncertainty. Having the opportunity to work with organizations in a variety of industries, it is our experience that this uncertainty is leading business performers and organizations to struggle with their confidence. Because confidence is emerging in so many conversations, we might even go so far to say that the changing landscape is creating a crisis in confidence. Individuals and organizations are feeling the variety of stressors and not getting the results they planned for.

Are you confident?

As a quick check-in on your own confidence, here are a few questions to ask yourself about you, your team and organization …

  • I feel confident about my own skills and abilities to perform my job well.
  • I feel confident that my team has the skills and abilities to keep up with the rate of change.
  • We have the processes in place to develop these skills and abilities.
  • My internal narrative is positive and optimistic with little doubt.
  • I am comfortable we can stay ahead of the competition.
  • I am confident our organization can increase market share.
  • I am confident that my team has the ability to innovate.
  • I feel assured that our best talent will stay in the organization.
  • I believe that our organization can thrive in a changing environment.

If you find yourself having difficulty answering yes to these questions, it might be time to evaluate confidence and look for solutions that will help you and your organization comfortably say yes to these important questions.

Take Action

It’s important to take a proactive approach to both understanding and building confidence. It is within your control if you make it a priority to develop confidence in your most coveted asset – your people.

A few questions to consider re: developing confidence in your people and organization:

Is your organization staying on top of skill and behavior development to keep up with the rate of change?

Are you “futureproofing” your business to insure you are staying ahead of your competition and maximizing your own abilities?

Are you creating a “culture of confidence”?

Are your values clear, modern and actionable every day?

Is your own internal narrative driven by a positive, supportive voice that encourages calculated risk?

Are you regulating the emotional climate of your organization so that there is a calm, responsive approach to change?

Are you addressing layers of fear in the organization preventing you or the organization from fully expressing your abilities?

The best way to build confidence is to be proactive and invest in creating it. Confidence is a fundamental of performance. In order to ensure more certainty in your own performance or organization, take time to understand and build confidence. You’ll find it is the catalyst to more doors opening for you.



John Haime is President of John Haime Performance and a world-class human performance coach. He personally coaches executives, high potential leaders, professional athletes, professional & amateur teams and Olympians. He is the bestselling Author of “You Are a Contender!”  and the recently released “Ride Big”. John Haime Performance assists some of the world’s leading athletes and organizations. See to learn more.