In the past 20 years, my company, John Haime Performance, has assessed most of our participants in both our corporate and athlete coaching practice, in our own work with our clients – or at conferences where we are hired to speak. The results show that approximately 82% of the participants do not have an adequate level of fundamental performance skills to be a consistently high performer. Skills range from self-awareness, to confidence to essential leadership capabilities.

These skills are sometimes targets of development in organizations – but we know there is never the reinforcement, detail and process needed to hone them to lasting strengths. The one or two-day workshop will create awareness and some teambuilding opportunities, but without ongoing reinforcement and commitment, participants will always fall back to old habits. The result of any short-term development almost always falls short of what is needed to move the needle. Building and breaking habits takes time. A coaching program and a customized plan, if structured well, can ensure positive shift happens.

There are so many critical benefits and advantages to coaching that help individuals be more effective and efficient at work. Performance and leadership skills are technical. An ongoing feedback loop is needed to help build and implement the skills in real-time. And, don’t underestimate the value of more enjoyment. When we are more competent, confident and purposeful at work, the environment and culture within us and around us shifts … to a better place.

Here are a few, key reasons why coaching can change the game and why it should be an integral part of your culture in the coming year.


Build Confidence

Confidence is the X factor in performance. There is a lack of it among leaders.

In a recent study on business coaching, 97% of leaders who received coaching reported more self-confidence in their business decisions.

A great coach can help you develop the confidence that there is a clear path forward – creating a plan to help you incrementally improve and reach targets. The structure a coach can create deepens fundamentals and increases the level of competency – leading to renewed confidence. Remember the best coach you had growing up – either in sports or in another passion – and remember the feelings you had when that coach gave you the confidence to know you can do it. Coaches build confidence. Confidence is non-negotiable to achieving consistent performance.

Address Blind Spots

A coach can help close the gap on how a leader shows up every day and how others perceive them – and give unbiased feedback on how to close the gap. The gap can sometimes be surprisingly large, and if it is, can often spiral into performance issues, limit opportunities and can ultimately shorten careers. An experienced coach will focus on building self-awareness knowing that it is a key structural piece in performance and leadership opening the door to other important competencies. A coach provides the forum for structured, consistent, truthful feedback that a leader is often missing. Highlighting and addressing blind spots can change the game for both the leader and those they lead – strengthening connection and clarity.

Consider some great coaching in 2022 for your yourself or your organization. An experienced, skillful coach can be the difference in the gradient of your career trajectory whether you are a corporate leader, lawyer, medical professional or any area where high performance (and leadership competency) is critical to your consistent success. A strong partnership with a coach will be the best investment you can make in your career and life.




John Haime is President of John Haime Performance  ( We coach some of the world’s leading organizations, athletes, teams with innovative performance and leadership coaching models based on 20 years of experience and discovery. John regularly works with clients in the pharmaceutical, education, financial, energy, technology, sports and food service industries. He has the privilege of working with athlete clients in the NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA Tour, ATP Tennis, PSA squash and professional equestrian. He is the Author of the bestseller “You are a Contender! Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More … in business, sports and life” and “Ride Big – The Ultimate Guide to Building Equestrian Confidence”. He is based in Ottawa, Canada.